TheClashFruit's Forgejo

Quick Setup

Create a Repository.

Create a repository on TheClashFruit's Forgejo named pages and push your code to the main branch.

Alternatively, you can create a page for a repo at by creating a new empty branch named pages in your repo.

Upload your Code.

Upload your HTML, CSS, and JS and whatever else to you repository.

Keep in mind that we have caching enabled, so when you push new code it may take a few minutes to update, alternatively you can try refreshing with Ctrl+Shift+R.

That's It!

You can now access your page at or

The software we use to deliver your pages is open-source! Check out its source code!

Custom Domains

To use a custom domain create a .domains file in the root of your repository and add your domain to it.

Then add a CNAME record to your DNS pointing to [[branch.]repo.]

For apex domains where you can't add a CNAME record, add an A record pointing to, an AAAA record pointing to 2603:c020:8013:a05a:de6c:60c0:9a73:35ae, and a TXT record with the value [[branch.]repo.]